Saturday, February 5, 2011

White Diamonds

OK.  I have gotten some flak about my fuzzy picture from some of you and I feel I need to explain it.  I could not find a recent picture of me except for this one from New Year's Eve and after that disastrous video that my daughter took (a previous blog)  I wanted something flattering to represent me.  I was looking for a recent picture because I did not want to misrepresent myself but I am not very photogenic so there were slim pickin's!  Friends keep offering to send me photos because the out of focus one bugs them -  but the more I look at it, the more I enjoy it because it makes me look younger.

I can't help but think of the SNL spoof of those White Diamonds commercials.  White Diamonds is the Elizabeth Taylor fragrance, and in the ads she is this fuzzy presence that approaches two young sweaty men in Cuba or something playing cards.  Liz plunks her diamond earring on his table with all of the cards and in her sultry voice says, "Here.  These have always seemed to bring me luck."  In the SNL version, the commercial itself is normal and clear but when they cut to Liz Taylor it is actually Chris Farley in Elizabeth Taylor drag and the lens looks as if it was covered with gauze. His/her face is virtually obstructed and when he says the line about his earrings it is just hilarious.  One of those quintessential SNL moments for sure.  I looked everywhere for the snl skit, but the original commercial was all I could find.  It is as follows and should give you the general idea.

Well, this is all an impossible segue into my favorite fragrance.  I get compliments all of the time when I use a little Mustela lotion mixed with regular unscented lotion.  It is fairly strong and would be very expensive to use all over all of the time but as an accent scent it is very clean and fresh and FRAUNCH.  I got it as a gift when I had my first child and I used to use it on all my babies because I LOVED the way it made them smell before they spit up all over me.  I recently rediscovered it and now I am passing it on to you.  See if it works!

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