Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The little things you do everyday that make you look like a complete wierdo

Today I was doing something my mother-in-law taught me and I thought "Oh, I should write about this".  It seems really silly but it is something that I do all the time and I just thought I would pass it on.  You know when you are emptying a bottle of something thick (say bbq sauce) into a recipe or you just have a little bit of catsup left in a bottle and five mouths are depending on you to make it stretch?  Well, if you cap the bottle tightly (I have not done this before and it is an integral part of the process - I'll explain later) and you swing your arm around like you are winding up a pitch,  the substance due to gravity will all form at the top of the bottle and it will be easy to pour out.  I don't know about you, but waste really bugs me and this is one way of getting the most out of what you have without the guilt of throwing away a bottle that still has 1/4 of the bottle left.  Again,  make sure the lid is on tight (my ceiling and walls have been sprayed before and yes I cursed my mother-in-law because it was clearly HER fault).  You also need to make sure there is room to do the wind up because I have also wrapped my knuckles on the laundry room ceiling while trying to get the most out of my fabric softener.  I know this may sound like the wash, rinse, repeat instructions on your shampoo bottle but I don't want to get sued for a broken wrist either.  Ok now that I have watched the video I just pray that I don't end up on TOSH.0.  Note the dirty look I give my child when she talked during the video.  My kids are still laughing.  Oh well, I intended to take risks...here's to risking looking like a wierdo.  Mission accomplished.  Hope the tip helps, though.

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