Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am addicted to Kiehl's lip balm.  (Don't worry this is a free endorsement, I would never recommend anything that I was getting paid for or didn't believe in!  Unlike botox and surgery-enhanced Cindy Crawford and her bogus skin care line that is Fraunch, from France.) OK I don't know what I am worried about.  Do you see an ad on this blog?  I digress.  Anyway, I have used Kiehl's skin care products since I was 24.  Their lip balm is the best around.  I keep it everywhere - in the car, on my nightstand, on all my daughter's nightstands (ok, not the 3-year-old for obvious reasons), in the kitchen, in my coat pocket, and of course, in my purse.  It comes in a tube or a tub.  It also comes tinted when I am feeling sexy.  Ha ha.  You know how lipsticks and glosses can dry out your lips?  Sometimes I line my lips and fill in with liner and then put tinted lip balm on top.  It is a miracle-worker.  Their foaming facial wash also takes off eye make-up but that's another post. I get them at Nordy's so that I can put them on my card and then it is just like they are free and it is untraceable to my husband.  I TOLD you this site would be helpful to you.  Just wait for my blog about cash back at Target. 

Last year I also found "The Lip Scrub" by Sara Happ.  I got it at Sephora.  It is a sugar scrub that is great when your lips are cracked and peeling.  It leaves your lips baby butt smooth.  Check it out.

For Christmas I asked for Lipfusion.  It is in all the beauty magazines and a lot of my friends have started to get work done - meaning people I respect so things have become very confusing for me.  I have noticed lately that I have lines on the edges of my lips and I thought I might try this before I go full on Lisa Rinna on yo' asses!  Anyway, you apply it at night as part of your beauty regimen and it does work!  It is expensive, though,  I think the women at my husband's office who did my husband's Christmas shopping (yet another blog)  paid $40.00.  Don't worry I told them I knew.  He would never buy an outfit for me.  That was a dead giveaway.  We all had a good laugh and then I took everything but the Lipfusion back.

If you take anything away from this post.  Get the Kiehl's.  My husband even steals it from me.  It's cheap and it works so well!

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