Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The United States of Tara and Celebrity Crushes

I LOVE the show "United States of Tara".  For those of you who do not have Showtime - you should get it - if for nothing else, for this show.  It is so EFFING good.  There are so many elements I like about it, I am going to give them categories.  The premise, the cast, and my crush.

First, and foremost, I love the premise.  I like the idea of a woman with many personalities that are not ambiguous, but defined.  The whole thing is ingenious, as far as I am concerned.

Who doesn't compartmentalize themselves in one way or another?  I used to be more compartmentalized, but since I turned 40, something changed in me, where I basically let one of my personalities take over - the one that likes to make jokes and goof off all the time.  It is my inner teenager, in a sense.

In United States of Tara, she has "alters" which are personalities that present themselves whenever the need arises for them to "act out".  Buck is her inner redneck male personality, and he is one of my favorites.  If Tara ever feels threatened, Buck emerges, and "takes care" of the situation for her.

She has a "perfect mother" alter named Alice, and when she has to plan a baby shower or something, Alice surfaces and saves the day. I feel like Alice sometimes when my children have birthday parties. 

"T" is Tara's teenage alter, and is by far my favorite.  She wears her hair in a ponytail on the side, like a roller skating Queen, and her g-string is always displayed a good four inches above her pants.  It is usually some understated color like lime green, or bright fushia.

Since I turned forty, I am my teenage version of myself - let's just call her "J".  "J" likes to have a good time, and she shirks almost all responsibility in lieu of what feels good - whether it is writing her blog, instead of doing the laundry, or going to a yard sale instead of pulling weeds.  "J" is not as wild as "T", she's just more open about who she really is, and less apologetic if she reveals more about herself than people are really used to.  In essence, "J" doesn't give as much of a shit about what people think about her as she used to, and it is very freeing. 

So, when you see "J" out at a restaurant, and she is wearing her straw pillbox hat, she just HAD to have at the Springfield Flea Market, give her a thumbs up and then you can roll your eyes to your friends once your back is turned to her.  Only know that "J" may not be the "best" version of your friend, Johnna, but you can always count on her to be the most fun.  Indeed!

I must also commend the entire cast of United States of Tara.  Her sister and kids are hilarious.  The family is uber dysfunctional, yet works on other levels.  The show seems very honest and not contrived.  It is one of those ensemble performances, that just works, and is believable, despite the far fetched concept.  You end up rooting for the family, instead of judging them.  They are just like everyone else, just doing the best they can under the circumstances - and that appeals to me.

Finally, I have to address John Corbett, who is the father in the drama. If you aren't familiar with his real name, he is also Aidan, on Sex and the City.  He is my number one celebrity crush.  I love how he just loves Tara, despite all of her hang ups, but is not a puss.  He's a man, but they have a good interpersonal relationship.

Did you know John Corbett has been with Bo Derek for like, FOREVER.  She is like 15 years older than he is and they live on this gigantic horse farm in California.  I like how laid back he seems in real life.  I saw an interview with him on YouTube, during the first season of Tara and he was talking about how he thought that after Sex and the City, that he would just kind of do supporting roles in movies for the rest of his life and then Tara came along, and it was the perfect scenario and environment for him.  He said that he would never do network television, again.  Interesting.  See, this is the type of shit "J" does instead of cleaning out her closet.

Anyway, catch up with United States of Tara, as it is currently in it's third season.   There's Alice at Hallie's fifth birthday party she threw for Hallie's whole class in her backyard.  It was a "Scooby Doo" theme, and she met the children and their confused parents as "Daphne".  Yea, "J" doesn't roll that way.  Eva will be lucky if she gets a candle on a store bought cupcake.  That is, if "J" even remembers her birthday!

P.S.  Doesn't that hair color just illuminate my skin tone?  Okay, EWWWW!

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