Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Hoopla and going out early

Last night, Brad's Forum Group had an outing at Shadowbox Caberet, which is a local theatre troupe, here in Columbus.  I kept making fun of the outing because the group is this business association where the topics are super confidential so I kept ribbing Brad about what we were supposed to talk about - you know, what is "safe", and what is "off limits".

"Are we all going to use fake names?  Will there be disguises?  I want to wear sideburns.  I think you should wear a fake arm so that one is longer than the other."

Brad was exhausted before we even got there.  The people (lets just call them "Forumers, cause some of them are farn -Oops there I go giving shit away.  Or am I?  Shhhhhhh.)  were really lovely and downright ornery, which I LOVE.

ANYWAY, The show was called Holiday Hoopla, and my takeaway (and everyone else's) was that the second act was soooo much better than the first.  It was almost like two shows.  During the first Act, I found myself bored and preoccupied, and imagining the home lives of all of the actors on stage.  The second Act, I was totally mesmerized, and into it and laughing out loud.

At first I thought that I no longer enjoyed the arts and had become one of those people who just pretend to enjoy things while they make mental lists and play scenario games.  Those people are usually labeled ADD and "well on their way to checking out".

I had a friend in college whose sister's husband used to say that "it is a matter of time before all women go completely bat shit crazy,"  he continued, "I think my wife is going to go out early.  I give her until age 35, 40, tops."

Well, I am well on my way to Crazytown.  Let me tell you.  Nomads wander less than my mind.  It is not a reaction to boredom, like it used to be, it has now become the norm in any situation where I am at rest.  I find this fascinating and disturbing at the same time. 

Anyway, this is going to be a short post, because my mind is starting to focus on several other things and I need to go do several of those things half-assed. 

My Christmas wish for you, today, is to go out and see some Christmas shows during the holidays.  It was quite refreshing and I felt like an adult again.  If you are local, and not my man in Portugal (thanks for the support, Holmes), the link to Shadowbox is  They have a new venue in the Brewery District that is super cool.  It is right next to World of Beer ( . 

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