Friday, December 2, 2011

Anything sparkly

I really like sparkly red toes for Christmas.  I do not paint the nails on my hands, but if I did, I would do some sort of cool nude color, like Jen Aniston always wears.  But, if you have good nails, definitely do THIS.

I also like to bring out my "Holiday wear" and wear my hair in different ways. Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest.   Lately, I have been thinking about wearing my sparkly gear in the daytime.  There goes that Freak Flag again, inching itself up to half mast.
This is probably my favorite.

Really cool.  My friend, Megan, sleeps in hers and wears it the next day.  LOVE IT.

Anthropologie has similar head bands to this. 

I know we have had extraordinarily good weather lately (in November), but I really like the fact that it has gotten cold.  I like getting out all of my gloves and hats and putting together new outfits.

The ones I have are red and orange.  I would take a pic but the kids are wearing them today.  They also have one big hole for the four fingers so they would be easier to knit.  I am sure I will research it and never do it.
I got these "arm warmers" in Colorado, when I was there at this little grocery store up in the mountains.  My kids call them "Tetherball gloves" because they have all of the fingers and the thumb exposed and they go all the way up the arm.

I am really into leg warmers, too - over boots, that is, not with a sweatshirt with the neck cut out and Capezios.  I don't mind reliving a trend, as long as it is done in a new way.  That is my rule.

The thinner ones are the best, I think.

Anyway, I decided that due to some stress that I have had lately, I am going to make the effort to dress better during the week, to try and lift my spirits a little.  I am going to paint my toenails Hooker Sparkly Red, an OPI color I have been lobbying for, and I am going to research patterns for hats, scarves and gloves on the internet that I will never finish - but I will start, of course.

Here are some cool sparkly items I found, I own a variation of the black one and am wearing in the pic above.  I got it last year from J.Crew on sale, and I really like the boat neck feature.  I think it would look cute with arm warmers because the sleeves are three-quarter length.  Maybe you will see me pumping gas in this get up some time.  I tend to be like that GD elf that I am sure will consume an entire Christmas post, if not several.  I turn up in unexpected places, in weird outfits, while I "spread mischief and holiday cheer."

This is just amazing.  Would be so cool with leggings and cool black boots.

I love this under a black blazer and jeans or with black Tuxedo pants and heels.

This is similar to the one I own.  Beware.  It is uncomfortable under a blazer.  I think it would be really cool with a bright scarf.

ANYWAY, my tip today is to get out your sparkles and wear them at unexpected times or in a way that you have not thought of before.  You only live once, my friends, so you may as well SHINE - even if it is at the grocery store.


  1. this post made me think of one of my favorite quotes that I embroidered last year... "The very act of participating in your personal appearance and the creation of your surroundings, defines how you see yourself" - Amy Butler

    Happy Holidays Ladybug!

  2. I love Amy Butler! Just saw her line of bags at this little boutique. Thanks for the quote. I will use it when people are staring at me in the check out line at Target!

  3. Always hv been a big fan of sparkles, as is my grandma, so i will be ready with my wardrobe right into my 90's. Love ya Johnna...your blog always makes me smile:) Lori