Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rural Farms, Fur, and Seventies Coats

I got this vintage 70's coat there, too.  I think Starsky has a shorter version of it.  Or was it Hutch?

Last Friday, I went to this amazing Farm Sale, at Warwick Farms, right outside of Mt.Vernon, Ohio,  and met up with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law. (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Rural-Society-Antique-Garden-Show/138527542884765) I went with my friend, Kim, and we had so much fun.  My mother-in-law went last year, and she insisted that I go, because she knew I would love it, and I did.

The only way I can explain it to you is that it is like the Springfield Antique Show, but much much smaller, and styled much better.  There are quaint tents and little houses on the property, like her newly renovated hen house that house the vendors, set against the owner's exquisite gardens.

Case in point.

The food is amazing (think Butternut Squash Soup, Chicken and Noodles, and Apple Cider), and cool little country boutiques show there.  That sounds like an oxymoron, but when I was in pharmaceutical sales, I used to find the most amazing stuff in these boutiques and antique stores in the little towns that were part of my territory, there,  instead of calling on doctors.

It's so funny, because part of that speech that I posted, from Steve Jobs, explained how you can only connect the dots after you have lived your life and you look back, and it is so clear to me now, how I arrived at where I am now, and how unfit I was to be a pharmaceutical rep, but I could not see it at the time, because the money and the perks were so great.

But, honestly, if I had taken a good hard look at how miserable I was while I was actually DOING my job, and how happy I was when I was playing hooky, I would have realized that I am clearly an "arty-type" personality who has no business in the business world.  The problem with that, however, is that in order to survive, you need to make money and have health insurance, so a lot of times people just have hobbies that they love, and jobs that they hate, yet they never make the connection to combine the two.  Make no mistake, though, people, the second you make your hobby a business, it loses some of it's luster.  Believe me, I know of what I speak.  Ask me about my B's Purse venture sometime. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bs-Purses/377516741991  Just because you have an unhealthy obsession with bags and monograms, doesn't mean that you should combine the two, and then sell them.  I had one party and then I quit.

I digress, AGAIN.  So, we roll up in my awesome silver  2004 Honda Pilot (which, I think, in itself qualifies as "vintage"), and I am getting my stuff out of my car, and I step into this hole.  Hilarious!

It looks like I am kneeling, but my entire leg is immersed in the hole.  Funny because I did not break my leg, natch.

So, in addition, on Saturday,  I had a gaggle of lady friends over, and it was an absolute BALL.  When I was putting out my recycling the next day, there were about twelve empty wine bottles and instead of being ashamed, I put them all together in a rather artistic display so that that one woman on my street who walks her dog in a full mink coat when it is sixty degrees outside does not have to strain her neck.  BOOM!  You just wish you were invited to my lady friend party last night, but we all love animals so you weren't allowed.

How ya like me now, Nosy Von Noseburg!

(Okay, I am going to focus on my subject now, I promise.)  I am not above the fray, though, when it comes to luxurious things.  "Cham-pan-ya tastes on a beer budget," has always been MY motto, and I, myself, was almost lured in by this amazing mink scarf at the Farm Sale.  Unfortunately, I was with my friend, Kim, who is the biggest animal lover I know, and she began giving me the evil eye, as soon as I wrapped it around myself and started swaying in the antique mirror they provided, imagining myself in a variety of fabulous circumstances.  (Gawd, she can be a buzzkill sometimes.)  Anyway, I came to my senses, just as the proprietor of the booth began putting the full court press on me, saying ridiculous things like, "Don't you love that?  It was so hard to put that out, and I keep getting jealous whenever anyone tries it on!"

"It is cool, I just feel bad about wearing real fur, you know."  I catch sight of Kim, lurking in the back of the booth, and she nods in approval,  because she has been just laying in wait (like a spyyyyder), for me to finally do the right thing.  It was definitely one of those Angel/Devil on each shoulder scenarios, for sho'.  

And then, the girl selling the scarf said the stupidest thing, "Well, you know, it's already dead, so I don't feel as bad, because it's vintage."

I switch gears on her and now I am on my high horse. "But, that's not really the point, you are promoting wearing animal fur, regardless of whether it is a fresh kill or a kill made 100 years ago."

Kim goes, "Let's go."  Because the only thing that Kim hates more than wearing animals as decoration, is confrontation.  I ended up buying this necklace, instead.  Soooo cool.  It is 100 karat gold, according to crazy fur lady - and I believe her.  When we left, she picked up the mink scarf and started posing with it.  Normally, I respond to crazy.  She just wasn't my preferred brand of crazy.

The next thing we came across is this...

Kim and the coolest dog I have ever seen.

He was sitting on this antique velvet chair with a luxurious blanket draped, just so, around him.  Love it!!!

Then, the lady was back and she was all, "Hey, what are you doing with MY Dog?" and Kim and I had to scamper out of there, before she offered to slaughter her dog and whip up a nice shrug for us.

I know I am being pious, now...Don't think for a minute that I haven't thought about that mink scarf every night before I've fallen asleep.  I HAVE to turn on it, though, because otherwise it will consume me.

So, anyway, I guess my recommendation is obvious today.  Go to the Rural Society Antique and Garden Show!  They have one in the Spring, as well.  We were bullshitting with a friend of the owner of the farm who is the vet in town,  This weekend and every Halloween season, he has a huge Halloween Party, in which they use a trebuchet to launch pumpkins in the air that are aflame. This is not a video at their party, but I wanted to give you an idea.

I cannot go this year, but I plan on making it my job to get invited next year.  In addition, there is a quaint little cottage on the property that you can rent out and they have had weddings on their grounds as well.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Warwick Farm will be featured in Country Living Magazine next Fall.  Check out their website and maybe I will see you there in the Spring!  http://theruralsociety.com/

I feel like I have not done the farm justice, but this is the tent you eat in, complete with decorated farm tables and chandeliers, surrounded by gardens and this spectacular fountain.  Love it!!!

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