Saturday, July 9, 2011

Casey Anthony - A Reflection

My manager, Jen and I, were "breathlessly" texting back and forth, when they were about to deliver the Casey Anthony verdict, and then literally right when the bailiff said, "All arise" my four-year-old, Eva, burst into my bedroom, where I like to watch tv, at all times of the day, (weird, I know, yes, I lay in bed) and starts screaming that someone is being mean to her, and that she needs a snack and then everything went black because I was so PISSED that she was yelling and I couldn't hear the tv, that I pounced on her like a spider monkey and told her to "Get out of my room, I said I needed ONE MINUTE to myself!  They are making a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ON TV RIGHT NOW!"

She then responded in all of her four-year-old wisdom, "Oh, is the President coming on, Mama?" and I deflated and hugged her and apologized for being such a huge Douchebag.  No, I didn't use the word "Douchebag," Your Honor.

The point I am making, here, is that we all have bad parenting moments.  I don't know about you, but if a bevy of detectives started going through my shit with a fine toothed comb, and then it was broadcasted to the Universe, even though I am a decent wife and mother, anyone with very specific information, taken out of context, could make me out to be a DRUG ADDICTED, BOOZING, CRAZY MONSTER, with a good blog, I hope.  He he.

EWWWWW, think of how popular my blog would get!  Maybe I would finally get advertising!  Albeit bail bondsmen and ambulance chasers, but still!

I say "drug addicted", because the other night Brad texted me at the lake, "What are you doing?" and I responded, "Smoking oxycotin, natch."  Now, taken out of context, if someone were examining all of my texts and facebook posts, and blogs, and just extracting anything that could be construed as NEGATIVE, then I would be a goner.

"Hey, you in for Ladies Night tennis, Johnna?" a friend gave a shout out to me on Facebook the other day.  My response, "I am drinking a glass of wine to get ready right now!"  It was 3 in the afternoon.  Ladies Night starts at 6:30.  Nothing further, Your Honor.

Once when my neighbor sent me an email with a picture of my kids playing with her kids, on a playdate that day, I responded, "If I were to ever catch that perve, I will cut his penis off with a butter knife, and put it under glass and display in in the Upper Arlington Municipal Building."  My neighbor's husband had sent me the picture under his wife's email address, and he was all, "UM, OK."

Unbeknownst to him, Jen, his wife, and I had just been discussing the man that was going around our neighborhood exposing himself to children as they walked home from school.  This kind of thing, immediately arouses the "Mama Bear" instinct in me, to want to track down and kill anyone that would ever lay a hand on my child, or take one one hundreth of an ounce of their innocence from them beforw it is time.  However, taken out of context, this email response, makes me look CRAZED and PERVERTED.  The state rests, Your Honor.

Anyway, a friend on my tennis team, we'll call her Shelly, (because that is exactly who she is) who is also an attorney, and I, were discussing the Casey Anthony trial, and I was telling her how I assumed that when the jury only deliberated for 8 hours, that they were going to come back with a "Not Guilty" verdict, because if you are going to give someone the Death Penalty, a jury usually stays out for days, at the very least.

You see, I have devoted a significant amount of my life to watching Law and Order, and this makes me qualified to make such astute observations.

She then, agreed, which made me feel very pleased with myself, because she actually has an advanced degree in Law, from an accredited University, and actually practices law everyday, and all I had to do was watch TV.  She then made a very good point, and that is that even though, she believes, as I think we ALL do, that Casey Anthony is guilty of killing her child, that the State did not prove it's case, and that she would have a hard time "pulling the trigger," on a Death Penalty verdict, given all of the circumstantial evidence, even as powerful as it was.

She, then, went on to say that if, God forbid, anything ever happened to her husband, that all fingers would point to her if they ever got the text records to her phone, because in anger, she has sent messages such as , "if you don't mow the lawn, I am going to slice you up into tiny pieces and throw your desecrated body into the Scioto River. And the searches I have done on my computer would reflect even MORE incriminating evidence." she continued, "I have actually looked up 'How to kill your husband' when I was in an argument with him while I was on my computer!"  She's hilarious.

Coincidentally, I ended up looking up 'oxycotin' for this blog to see if you can really smoke it, which culminated into a full on investigation of Meth Labs (my favorite is the Lab in Texas that blew up on a boat in the middle of a lake), which I have an unhealthy fascination with.  Now, obviously,  I have no intention of doing either, but this just PROVES that having ADD, and a strong curiosity about the illegal drug industry, doesn't make me GUILTY of anything.  ANYWAY, all this got me to thinking, and that is precisely the origin of this blog.

So, now, in this twisted World we live in, Casey Anthony, not only gets to live freely amongst us, after murdering her daughter, but will also most likely receive a lucrative book deal, and the royalties from the crappy TV movie that will be made from it, and hopefully, we will get to see her naked body in Penthouse, as well.

I do not have any answers, People, I guess the point I am trying to make is that I think the System actually worked in this case, because the Jury did not allow things "taken out of context" like pictures of Casey dirty dancing and searches on the internet to cloud their judgment when it came to deciding whether or not she was guilty of the crime she was being charged with.  The System failed, because the prosecution did not wait until they had enough "hard evidence" before they tried her, and that is the tragedy, here.

My recommendation to you, today, is to not believe anything that is taken out of context, no matter HOW intriguing, or attractive, that information may be to you.  You will be surprised at how much bullshit comes your way, now that your senses are heightened to it.

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